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Rethink ~ Renew ~ Recreate


Do you have an idea, and just not sure if it will work?  Do you need an extra set of eyes to collaborate colours and styles ?  I would be happy to help you out. Sometimes your ideas are the best and you just need that extra voice confirming it. Or maybe I can think of another choice you have yet to discover. Invite me in!  I am professional, experienced, and a wee bit crafty !
E-mail for details.

Sometimes we just want the luxury of having someone come into our home and paint our piece exactly where it sits. I will consult with you, help you choose colors and techniques to bring new life to that special piece. I can paint it right in your home and right where it sits !  E-mail  for details.


Learn how to work with Fusion!  Everybody's talking about this new way to enhance objects of all kinds. Our workshops are guaranteed to be fun, and you'll go home with a finished piece every time.  There are many techniques to learn, from prep work to application and distressing to finishing.  You'll learn which sort of brush works best for each technique.  We limit our participants to less than ten people, so each one has plenty of opportunity to ask questions and understand what they're doing. 
Workshops are  each month and posted here for your convenience.

Custom Work

If you have a vision for a piece of furniture or any other treasure you want to rethink and enhance, come in and talk to Jane.  You will find her to be friendly and capable, full of great ideas and willing to listen to you.  If you simply don't have the time to work on your item, Jane will give you a detailed quote to have your piece completed.

Purchase our Pieces.  

We love them like they are old friends, but we're sure you'll love them too.  Browse our showroom to find the perfect fit to enhance your home.

If you want to dream before coming to visit Behind the Painted Door in Gravenhurst, check out our Photo Gallery!